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About Maui Fruit Rolls It all started with a fun idea. It became a game at first, a solution to a problem that was hard to believe was really a problem. When my family and I moved to Maui from California in 2005, we became gardeners. With very little effort, we soon found ourselves faced with an overabundance of wonderful fruit. It wasn’t just our problem—my whole neighborhood seemed to be bursting with bananas, lilikoi (passionfruit), guava, papaya and other mouth-watering fruits. We baked loaf after loaf of banana bread and downed as many banana smoothies as we could handle. When a friend moved to the mainland, I inherited her Excalibur dehydrator and a new chapter in my life began.
Around this time, my classmates at the Maui Culinary Academy began helping me dream up innovative ways to minimize food waste by utilizing the surplus ripe and over-ripe fruits from our yards. This initiative marked the start of the fruit recycling program that I named Maui Fruit Rolls. A few social media posts later, friends and neighbors started bringing me their surplus fruit: everything from starfruit and star apples to coconuts, pineapples, and virtually every other fruit grown naturally on island. No matter what they brought over, I asked myself the same question: could this be a fruit roll? Over the next year or two, as local community members continued depositing all manner of exotic produce at my doorstep, I concocted imaginative fruit pairings—beginning with pumpkin kale, and culminating with spice rolls made from the dropped apples of an 80-year-old tree high up on Haleakala volcano! Eventually my devoted taste-testers and I hit on the two local favorites: lilikoi ginger turmeric and passionfruit-orange-guava (POG).
Once my kids got to college and started writing home to ask for fruit rolls, I really started to glimpse the potential of these hip and healthy creations. In light of the agricultural restrictions on shipping fresh fruit to the mainland, I realized that the only way to get the flavors of Maui—the fresh and comforting flavors of lilikoi, mango and guava—to my kids was by sending fruit roll care packages! When the kids’ friends started making requests, I thought: Why not offer these treats to island visitors as well? When I opened my stand at the Upcountry Farmers Market in 2017, my intuition was confirmed: both residents and visitors were eager to savor these local flavors at home. A year later, Maui Fruit Chips won the Most Innovative Product award from the Food Innovation Program at University of Hawaii Maui College. Today, Maui fruit rolls (and more recently, Fruit Chips!) are available at the Farmers Market, by special order, and online.

We are happy to announce that we are a Good Food Award winner 2019!

Due to this exciting news, our fruit rolls and fruit chips are back ordered at the moment. We are doing our best to keep up with demand and should have some hip healthy snacks rolling out soon.

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About Susie Peck Susie is a schoolteacher, and a graduate of the Maui Culinary Academy. Her Maui Fruit Chips won the most innovative product award last semester from the Food Innovation Program at UH Maui College. She sells her products at the Up Country Farmers Market and online. She has a background in nutrition, and is a busy mom, who knows how important healthy snacks are.